Archive - News 2015

Professor Andy Ness talks at NET-QUBIC Symposium in Utrecht.
2nd December 2015.

Professor Andy Ness gave a talk on Head and Neck 5000 at the NET-QUBIC symposium in Utrecht, Holland.

Paper on recruitment published 5th October 2015

A paper describing recruitment to the study has now been published online in the journal Clinical Otolaryngology

Recruitment, response rates and characteristics of 5511 people enrolled in a prospective clinical cohort study: head and neck 5000.


Rhona Beynon awarded Wellcome Trust Four-Year PhD Studentship starting
1st October 2015

Rhona Beynon has begun her four year Wellcome Trust funded PhD in molecular, Genetic and Lifecourse

Epidemiology at the School of Social and Community Medicine. The aim of her main project is to identify prognostic markers in head and neck cancer. Her supervisors are Professor Richard Martin, Professor Margaret May, Professor Andy Ness and Professor Caroline Relton.


Our 4 Month follow up is now complete April 2015

Our four month follow up for Head & Neck 5000 is now complete; the return rate on the four month questionnaires

was 61 percent. Once all outstanding data capture forms have been received, all four month data will be entered and cleaned by the end of the year.


Barry Main awarded prize for best poster presentation at British Association for Head & Neck Oncologists April 2015

Barry Main, an NIHR doctoral fellow in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Bristol, was awarded the prize
for best poster presentation at the British Association of Head & Neck Oncologists annual conference in April. The poster "Reporting outcomes in randomised trials of definitive treatments for head and neck cancer: a systematic review" presents work that is part of his PhD that is defining a core information for informed consent. The co authors were Matt Beasley, Steve Thomas, Angus McNair, Jenny Donovan and Jane Blazeby.