10 year follow up questionnaire

The 10 year follow up questionnaire now has approval from the NHS REC. We are unable to send out the questionnaire until we we receive updated mortality data from NHS England. We are in the process of renewing our contract with NHS England but this has taken longer than expected; we are hoping that we can get this completed soon.


Update on the 10 year follow up 

The 10 year questionnaire and the accompanying letter and leaflet have been submitted to the ethics committee for review. We are aiming to send out the questionnaire as soon as we have our next set of data from NHS England.  


BAHNO Annual Scientific Meeting 19th May 2023

Congratulations to Tom Dudding who won a prize for his presentation ‘Genome study of head and neck cancer incidence: an international collaborative study’.


Tom presented data from a large genetic study of head and neck cancer; HN5000 is the largest contributor to this international body of research. The work aims to identify genetic changes that may predispose individuals to getting head and neck cancer and will help to understand the disease better in the future. Tom’s research was very well received and won the Best in Session award for his presentation.


10 year follow up – CRUK grant application successful

Congratulations to Tom Dudding and Barry Main who led a successful application to Cancer Research UK on behalf of the HN5000 study team. The project entitled ‘Identifying factors affecting survival and secondary physical effects of treatment at 10 years’ will see an updated questionnaire sent out to our study participants 10 years after initial recruitment. The project will aim to examine late effects of treatment including the frequency and severity of secondary physical morbidities. It will also examine if there are factors that can be identified at an early stage that may influence survival and outcome specifically for people with human papilloma virus (HPV) driven cancers. We are currently asking our patient representatives to review and provide valuable feedback on our questionnaire prior to sending it out to our study participants.