Archive Projects

The impact of oral health in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma survival 

Approved 17 February 2021

Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Antibody Response Patterns in Western and Asian EBV-associated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) 

Approved 08 Jul 2020

A descriptive analysis of upper gum tumours involving the antrum and paranasal sinus tumours from the Head and Neck 5000 study cohort

Approved 08 January 2020

Genome Wide Association Study of Radiotoxicity in Head and Neck Cancer

Approved 13 November 2019

The effect of statin drugs on the risk and progression of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC)

Approved 16 October 2019

Gustatory Function Following Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer

Approved 17 April 2019

Cancer of Unknown Primary (TCGA Project)

Approved 17 April 2019

Defining the tumour microenvironment of salivary gland malignancies: do immune and neurogenic related biomarkers predict clinical outcome?

Approved 17 April 2019

Body mass index at diagnosis and prognostic significance on head and neck cancer survival

Approved 17 October 2018

Using saliva to identify human papillomavirus driven oropharyngeal cancers

Approved 22 August 2018

Metabolic signatures of prognosis in Head and Neck 5000

Approved 18 August 2017

Primary malignant salivary gland tumours from Head and Neck 5000 - an observational study

Approved 21 July 2017

Exploring mechanisms linking lifestyle and dietary factors to oral and oropharyngeal cancer progression

Approved 26 October 2016

Quality of Life following treatment for early glottic cancer; a comparison of surgery versus radiotherapy

Approved 16 May 2018

Quality of Life following treatment for oropharyngeal carcinoma; a comparison of surgery versus non-surgical therapy

Approved 16 May 2018

Functional outcomes and quality of life after radiotherapy or surgery for early/intermediate stage oropharyngeal carcinoma

Approved 29 September 2018

Appearance-related distress amongst head and neck cancer patients during the first year post-diagnosis

Approved 22 August 2018

Epstein-Barr virus specific antibody and RNA signatures in nasopharyngeal cancer

Approved 13 June 2018

What will I be like one year after head and neck cancer treatment?

Approved 17 June 2016

Cause specific mortality in people with head and neck cancer treated with curative and palliative intent

Approved 05 December 2017

Investigating the predictive role of epigenetic markers of smoking, drinking and epigenetic age

Approved 28 September 2017

Is there a shared genetic predisposition to both cleft lip and palate and head and neck cancer?

Approved 17 February 2017

Investigating the effect of variants at HLA on risk of HPV status in a clinical cohort of people with head and neck cancer.

Approved 17 February 2017

Genetic and Epigenetic Data as a Tool to Understand Oropharyngeal Cancer Incidence and Progression.

Approved 20 January 2017

Head and Neck 5000: A UK multicentre prospective cohort study assessing the relationship between dietary behaviours and survival in head and neck cancer

Approved 20 January 2017

Does early delivery of specialist palliative care offer enhanced support to patients with head and neck cancer

Approved 20 January 2017

Association of comorbid burden with survival in head and neck cancer: A UK multicentre prospective cohort study

Approved 11 November 2016

Experiencing a Diagnosis of Head & Neck Cancer

Approved 26 October 2016

Smoking and alcohol survival analysis in Head and neck 5000

Approved 26 October 2016

Investigation of survival outcomes associated with socioeconomic status

Approved 18 October 2016

A national audit to assess adherence to Royal College of Pathologists guidelines for MDS reporting of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Approved 12 August 2016

Assessing the validity of the EQ5D-5L Quality of Life questionnaire

Approved 17 June 2016

Defining groups of patients using the EORTC C30. EORTC H&N35. EQ5D-5L and UW-QOL as part screening in clinical practice

Approved 17 June 2016

HRQOL as a predictor of survival

Approved 17 June 2016

Trajectory, determinants and sequelae of speech, voice and swallowing in people with head and neck cancer

Approved 17 June 2016

A descriptive analysis of the nasal cavity tumours from Head & Neck 5000.

Approved 20 May 2016

Genome wide association study of oral and oropharyngeal cancer using the oncochip

Approved 15 April 2016

Vitamin D and head and neck cancer risk and progression. An examination of causality and mechanisms

Approved 15 April 2016 

A descriptive analysis of nasopharyngeal tumours from Head & Neck 5000

Approved 20 May 2016

Depression and survival among head and neck cancer patients

Approved 17 June 2016

Factors that determine health related quality of life one year following the diagnosis of head and neck cancer

Approved 17 June 2016

Human papilloma virus serology in participants in Head & Neck 5000

Approved 15 April 2016